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AFA-GOLD Rocket Fuel for Your Marketing Engine

As companies are continually asked to do more with fewer resources,  AFA-GOLD marketing has become a viable strategic alternative. From start ups to SME’s, from early franchise to established brands, companies choose to outsource marketing because they often struggle to find the time, resources or expertise to consistently market their business. AFA-Gold marketing enables companies to ramp up their marketing efforts while only paying one yearly membership.

No Internal Marketing Department

Our services are tailor-made for companies without dedicated marketing resources.

We provide marketing services for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time marketing director.

We provide access to a group of skilled experts that functions as your virtual marketing department.

If You Have a Marketing Department

Our team has a broad range of experience working with marketing professionals and helping them reach their company’s goals.

We function as specialists for tasks that you don’t have the time or resources to complete.

We complement your existing marketing efforts with fresh insight and new ideas.

Why One is Not Enough

Companies often think that hiring a single marketing staffer will solve all of their marketing needs. However, they inevitably discover that one individual, while skilled in a specific area, still needs assistance to complete all of the components of a typical marketing campaign. A complete marketing department should consist of individuals that possess the following skills: writing, designing, project management and high-level strategizing. As a result, many companies are electing to outsource marketing to an agency rather than build a multi-faceted internal marketing department.

Lower Cost

For less than it costs to place a local advert, the AFA-Gold Program provides a whole a whole year or marketing services with the latest technology and focus on the SME market


Effectively executing a comprehensive marketing requires a broad range of expertise in different marketing disciplines.


Having AFA at your disposal enables you to handle an increase in marketing workload without having to expand your internal staffing.

Avoid Turnover

Entry level marketing personnel typically stay with a company for one to three years before looking for their next position. Avoid a loss of marketing momentum by outsourcing basic marketing activities and tasks.

Fresh Insight

AFA provides uncensored and objective view of your current sales and marketing strategy. We can also share information on marketing trends and successful strategies.


Marketing efforts are often put on the back burner when business executives wear many hats. Outsource these efforts to AFA so you can focus on running your business.

"Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth."

In a time of globalization, an international footprint is increasingly important. Expanding internationally can allow retailers, hospitality brands and even Start-Ups to extend their customer bases, diversify risk and combat seasonality. But successful international expansion is complex. Distinct consumer preferences, competitive and cultural differences, and increased management and operational challenges require companies to make tough choices as they define their international strategies. But with AFA Consulting’s deeply rooted international culture and experience helping companies across multiple consumer sectors expand globally, we have the right resources to help you get there.

Our Approach

Fundamentally, establishing an international growth strategy requires the answers to two questions: Which markets do you target and how do you enter each market?

Which Markets Do You Target?

We employ a prioritization process that typically begins with major markets based on GDP and other macroeconomic factors, and then narrow down these markets to a smaller set of candidates organized by market type, regional and other clustering factors. The key to this exercise is using an organization’s strategic corporate guidelines to identify a short list of the most attractive markets. Typical organizational priorities include: Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. However we are rather keen to expand our operations into South America too.

Near-term financial contribution: What is the expected timeframe for a new geography to contribute to the bottom line? Tricky One,,,,

Long-term growth potential: What is the growth trajectory of your brands in this target country during the next five to 20 years? Can your business afford to dedicate resources to a market that may not reap significant benefits for another few years? AFA with partners on the grown will spearhead international expansion with a strong focus on franchising.

Risk profile: There are a number of factors that can stall market expansion success, including government and regulatory changes and economic uncertainty.

It’s rare that one prospective market or market cluster will receive a high score across all criteria, so AFA partners must evaluate a series of trade-offs among the final list of countries being considered. For example:

Market size vs. market growth

Market growth vs. market risk

Global brand consistency vs. tailoring to local appeal

Speed-to-market and cost efficiency vs. control

How Do You Enter?

Once the markets are selected, proper market entry planning requires a solid foundation of knowledge about the myriad of factors that can affect consumers’ perceptions about a new brand and access to products or stores. This requires in-country research to address key questions such as:

Business model: Should a direct franchise/partner model be employed to maximize market potential and profitability?

Consumer demand generation: What are the best value proposition, product range and marketing strategies to reach your key target demographics?

Competitive positioning: What are the breadth and depth of current market alternatives?

Channel strategy: What is the most effective way to deliver goods and services, and how developed is the country’s infrastructure?

Regulatory compliance: What are the potential governmental changes that can impact your strategy, including regional versus national compliance regulations, product regulations for health and safety, and employment regulations?

Let AFA assist you with the complexities of business expansion.

This is the question every marketer is researching now – what is the future of marketing? How are the big campaigns going to behave in the future? What are going to be the drivers for future marketing? And the answers are very subjective. Here let us try to highlight the 7 things that may drive the way the marketing is going to be in the recent future.

future marketing

 If Digitial Marketing is the future, what comes after Digital Marketing?. 


Mobile is at the centre of the marketing – The smartphones, tablets, wearables are going to stay in the market for few years now. And as they become an inseparable part of human life they will continue to encourage the quick, real-time, focused, personalized marketing leveraging the power of mobile.

Personalized messaging and communications – The social media have established the habit of personalized messaging and communications. The campaigns will need to be more and more customized to the target market. The success of a campaign will depend on the level of personalization it does keeping the brand messaging unaffected.

Precision and transparency in information – As the trend is going, in future people will demand for precision in information that a campaign will provide. They will respect a brand that offers the transparency in information to its customer base. The main source of customer reputation will be the huge social media platform.

Future marketing will be driven by the customer data as well as brand data all put together – Blogging and other source of user data will become an integral part of marketing in future. The brands must respect the bloggers and the voice of customers via the social media. In a way the customers may actually conceptualize the way a product/ service is needed in the market, the way a product/ service needs to be presented in the market. The marketers of future will map customers’ concept received via blogs and social media into next big campaign.

More accurate metrics will surface – The future is bound to offer more advanced metrics and analytics for measuring the performance of a campaign.

Constant innovation in product space as well as in service space will necessitate more intensive brand marketing – The future will see more and more product and services. Some of them will be hardly differentiable from the other in terms of the features that they will offer. More and more players in the same product/ service space will necessitate more and more grand campaigns. One brand will be in continuous fight with another one to remain in the customer’s mind. That will call for intensive campaigns to showcase the new products/ services, as well as the continuous brand campaigns will be inevitable.

A campaign that will address the need of the moment – As a matter of fact people now live in the moment and this lifestyle is set to remain. A campaign needs to relate to the most relevant thing. Ideally a campaign will be based on a theme that is the most relevant and eventually will kill itself to give room for the next most relevant thing. A campaign will have a definite timeline; the big campaign will come up with an expiry date to make way for the next big campaign. The marketers must be prepared to address the rapid changes in the world.

It’s high time that the marketers of future gear up for the future of marketing.


We build brand advantage

Transforming brands into valued assets

We add purpose and value to your brand

We give your brand an international voice

We strengthen your brand identity

Brand Experience

Social Media Campaigns

Brand Campaigns

We Build Brands

Big thinking | Creative ideas | Fresh solutions

Brand Development & Management, Creative Strategy, Advertising and Marketing Campaigns,

We will help you navigate through the complexities of modern franchising and Business Expansion

The end results are sustainable goals that meet your needs and help you avoid costly mistakes.

We have extensive experience with and understand the complex franchising issues of both the franchisor and franchisee. We understand the need to combine significant business knowledge of the ever-changing business landscape with thorough knowledge of how quality  organizations are run and what they look for in ideal partners.

We seek to introduce our clients to the very best of our global contacts. We have the flexibility to operate across a wide variety of fields and include franchised companies and Businesses in Start-Up or Expansion Mode with introductions and cross-border collaborations.


The reality is some businesses are amazing, some are mediocre, and some could perform much better than they currently are. Working with us as your guide you will understand what to look for in evaluating your options and making what could be a difficult process much more manageable.

Working together, we will determine the best ways to articulate your interests and how they would mesh with potential partners. We will empower you with a wealth of knowledge about the various territories and industries you may be entering.

Ultimately, we will serve as an ambassador for you, bringing you to the business expansion world educated and ready to make informed decisions.

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